chilly gonzales

Stream: In Silence - Octave Minds

I've been a fan of Gonzales' beautiful solo piano work, production work for the likes of Feist (whatever happened to...?) and his more dance orientated work. Boys Noize are a bit less on my radar these days... Having been part of the French-led noisy distorted dance movement championed by Justice and Ed Rec, German producer Alexander Ridha feels like something very much of that era.

Together here as Octave Minds you get the sense both have something to gain - Gonzales has already benefited from a glossy sheen on Ivory Tower, a record produced by Ridha, and this represents a great opportunity for Ridha to move on to something a bit less, well, noisy and overtly masculine than Boys Noize.

This single precedes a full album, is available to download from Soundcloud for free and pretty much delivers to a standard as good as either artists has achieved on their own.

2012 Album of the Year, Part One: The Long-List

So it's that time of year again - Christmas is done and the excess food has started to fester. Gifts have been exchanged and everyone is now thinking about going back to work. Happy happy joy joy. 

To see you through this dark week I'll be posting my picks for 2012's best album, but before we get to the top ten I wanted to call out some of the albums that were very close to making this list but were pushed out.

I've also put together a Spotify playlist that includes tracks from every album on the long-list and the top ten (provided they are available on Spotify in the UK) and a good deal of other tracks that weren't necessarily from great albums but were notable all the same. You can check that out and subscribe to it here.

And without further ado, the 2012 long-list - note the top ten are not on this list and that this list is not in any order. Links on the title / artist go to the review (where one exists), Amazon links are to and are affiliate links:

Come back tomorrow for the first half of the top ten: 10-6!