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Anticipation: Random Access Memories - Daft Punk

Human After All left me cold but the sheer hype of the Alive 2007 tour (effectively a gigantic mashup and a greatest hits album on wheels) got me back on the Daft Punk gravy train...

The internet is now seriously hype for the forthcoming fourth DP album on Columbia. Everyone is concentrating on a collection suspension of disbelief at this point. It's practically impossible for everyone to come out happy, but we may as well sit happy for a few weeks in the belief that the new album Random Access Memories may save music.

Two things for you to chew on whilst you wait. Firstly, this excellent article from the Verge on whether Daft Punk can make albums (fuck it, music?) actually matter again. Secondly the below interviews with Giorgio Moroder and Todd Edwards for the Creators Project, both of whom collaborated with Daft Punk on the new album.

By the sounds of things the album sounds perfect - a focus on real instrumentation avoids those moments when you suddenly realise 75% of the groove existed for decades. And let's face it, with Spotify spot the sample takes days rather than months. The vibe also sounds perfect - less novelty hard rock, more silky soul and disco updated for the now.