Comment: Hadouken! don't give a damn about their friends...

Hadouken took an innovative step when they launched their 'Aerials' members club earlier this year - £24 got you an advance download of the album, a limited edition physical release, a t-shirt, discounted merchandise, competitions and access to ALL (yes ALL) of the remixes and b-sides that for the album.

Except it didn't.

Many didn't get the t-shirts for ages... Some still not at all... And no-one got all of the remixes with the sought after remixes to 'Declaration of War' never getting distributed.

BlackPlastic doesn't think this is cool and so, until this is resolved, they won't be covered here.

If you're going to invite your fans to be your friends don't turn around and mug them.

And labels wonder why people pirate...

BP x