Album Revvviews: Paris - Various mixed by Gildas et Masaya / Kitsuné Tabloid - Various mixed by Digitalism

Everyone loves those crazy French guys Kitsuné because they are, like, so hot right now. So hot that the past few weeks have seen not one, but TWO mixes come out of their little french stable. Paris is mixed by label founders Gildas et Masaya, whilst Kitsuné Tabloid is the first in what is presumably going to turn into a series of DJ mix albums and is this time handled by Digitalism.

What you have here is actually two fairly similar, if complimentary, mixes. Neither is as cutting edge as we've come to expect from Kitsuné's mainstay, Maison, series but in some ways that's refreshing. Instead what we have is two slabs of fresh brain melting party soundz.

So Paris says: "Shut up man, I might be late, but I'm fucking here, alright? You may know my tunes but check out the way I lure you in with Chromeo's 'Needy Girl' before unleashing In Flagranti and Does It Offend You, Yeah? on your chicken shit ass! By utilising the Crookers mix I almost make The Chemical Brothers' professional suicide of a record, 'The Salmon Dance', bearable and I finally drag Little Boots out of the MP3 bloggers closet by letting some real people hear that nice Hot Chip mix of 'Stuck'."

Kistuné responds: "Yeah, yeah... You know my tunes too but hey, at least I had a bit of a dig around to find a couple of older records like that awesome Human League track 'The Things That Dreams Are Made Of'. And I crowbarred a lot of fun tunes in like the Shazam remix of Muscles' 'Sweaty' which manages to sound like 40 derranged High School cheer leaders who are all emotionally unhinged but really, really want your body. There's some Hercules and Love Affair (please tell me they are still cool, right? Right?) and I've even got a metronomy mix of Late Of The Pier... You may die waiting for the album but at least you can listen to 'The Bears Are Coming' as remixed by every artist, ever, whilst you wait!"

Paris and Kitsuné Tabloid may both induce nose-bleeds but when BlackPlastic is packed onto a weekday morning commuter train with city sluts in suits it can think of nothing more pleasurable.

Both mixes lack anything to differentiate themselves much from each other, let alone the hundreds of similar mixes you (probably) already have, and so life span is (potentially) questionable. Yet they do both nicely summarise what everything sounds like right... Now! So if you ever want to come back and relive late June / early July 2008 these will do the trick.

BP x