Album Review: Fabric 41 - Various Artists mixed by Luciano

It's been a while since BP preached the virtues of a Fabric album but, shit, it's getting hot outside. And if Luciano hasn't laid down the perfect soundtrack to a summer evening in a club or a day by the pond then BlackPlastic doesn't know who has.

This is all minimal house and techno clicks and whirring noises yet it has such soul and warmth. If you do nothing else, pause to wipe the sweat off of your brow as you listen to Los Updates' 'Getting Late', remixed by and featuring Luciano. It's a beautiful track and if you don't like it you obviously hate electronic music - the combination of space and rhythm is utterly entrancing.

And this is a vibe that permeates the whole mix: it should be boring, but it's just too damn refined to be anything but lush... A series of mood pieces that feel like a holiday they're so refreshing.

It's in the breakdown of M83's 'In Church', a record that sounds like a dancefloor collectively giving in, washes of synths and organs punctured with the same tribal drum patterns that cover much of the rest of this mix. It's in Luciano's mix of 'Good Love', spacious as it is, all dubby basslines and snatches of vocals, so laid back it can't help being so damn sexy.

What we are saying is: Sometimes less really is more.

BP x