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MP3: Moon - James Kane

Melbourne's James Kane, whose mixes and remixes have got BlackPlastic hot under the collar before, has just finished work on a new track called 'Moon'.

'Moon' is a bit of a departure from James' previous work.  It's a somewhat introspective, lonely piano piece against a backdrop of radio echoes and deep space rumblings.  BlackPlastic always loves a bit of space and this captures some of the loneliness that must have struck the participants on the Apollo missions back in the sixties.  It also sounds like it would slot nicely into the soundtrack to the forthcoming movie Moon (if you haven't seen it, watch the awesome trailer).

It's only a short piece and BlackPlastic would actually love to hear an extended version, perhaps featuring some battered male vocals (maybe with a Lou Reed type vibe).

Check it out (right click, save as) and head over to James Kane's MySpace for more.

BP x

Single Review: The Day (We Fell In Love) - Appaloosa

One of the best tracks from Kitsuné Maison Compilation 6 that we never actually mentioned at the time is Appaloosa's The Day (We Fell In Love).  Now it is getting a single release it is definitely worth checking out if you are yet to hear it.

What makes this track so great is the humble beginning - a girl and a piano - that gradually blossoms from a coy ballad into a stirring electronic anthem.  What's so beautiful is that the path of the song is a metaphor for love itself.  It starts out like a relatively simple and innocent feeling yet soon, in the words of Tears For Fears, something happens and I'm head over heels: I never find out until I'm head over heels.

To give you a taster of track in case you haven't heard it here is James Kane's remix (whose talents we have commented on in the past).  James strips away the intro to make the song a little more dance floor friendly but other than that this remix is quite faithful to the original, retaining the feelings of cautious optimism.

BP x

Comment: Teen Creep - James Kane

Twin Peaks' Agent Dale Cooper advised his partner on the show, Sheriff Truman, that you should give yourself one treat a day, even if that treat is just a real cup of coffee. It's a mantra BlackPlastic tries to stick to and today, dear readers, you can start living the life of glory that I do by downloading James Kane's glorious Teen Creep mix from fellow blogger Kitsune Noir.

Aside from a couple of ever so slightly rough transitions the only criticism that could be levelled at this mix is that it is too damn short. In less than 40 minutes you will have taken in some recent destined-to-be-classics (Appaloosa) and some genuine-classics (Roy Parker Jr.'s 'Ghost Busters' or Prince's 'Erotic City') and the result is always pleasingly consistent. This mix has an electronic dream-like vibe throughout that really is fantastic so go and check it out.

James also has some more music and remixes (some of the tracks on this mix have felt his loving touch already) over on his MySpace and at his site and I would recommend checking them out.

BP x