MP3: Moon - James Kane

Melbourne's James Kane, whose mixes and remixes have got BlackPlastic hot under the collar before, has just finished work on a new track called 'Moon'.

'Moon' is a bit of a departure from James' previous work.  It's a somewhat introspective, lonely piano piece against a backdrop of radio echoes and deep space rumblings.  BlackPlastic always loves a bit of space and this captures some of the loneliness that must have struck the participants on the Apollo missions back in the sixties.  It also sounds like it would slot nicely into the soundtrack to the forthcoming movie Moon (if you haven't seen it, watch the awesome trailer).

It's only a short piece and BlackPlastic would actually love to hear an extended version, perhaps featuring some battered male vocals (maybe with a Lou Reed type vibe).

Check it out (right click, save as) and head over to James Kane's MySpace for more.

BP x