MP3: Danse En France (Kotchy) - Fischerspooner

BlackPlastic has put a couple of Kotchy MP3s up recently but this is definitely one of our favourites.  'Danse En France' is one of the recent Fischerspooner tracks that has come out on Kitsune and if you have followed the recent Kistune Maison compilations you have likely already heard it.

The remix features on Fischerspooner's new album and Kotchy gives it a really lazy r&b vibe - mixed with the spooked French vocals the whole thing feels slightly disorientated and on edge. Featuring a nice crunchy synththis, like lots of Kotchy's work, manages to be two things at once - sleazy French soul and Neptunes-esque New York hip-hop - without getting lost in between the too.  

Check it out and download 'Danse En France (Kotchy Remix)' by Fischerspooner here (right click, save as).

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