MP3: Danse En France (Kotchy) - Fischerspooner

BlackPlastic has put a couple of Kotchy MP3s up recently but this is definitely one of our favourites.  'Danse En France' is one of the recent Fischerspooner tracks that has come out on Kitsune and if you have followed the recent Kistune Maison compilations you have likely already heard it.

The remix features on Fischerspooner's new album and Kotchy gives it a really lazy r&b vibe - mixed with the spooked French vocals the whole thing feels slightly disorientated and on edge. Featuring a nice crunchy synththis, like lots of Kotchy's work, manages to be two things at once - sleazy French soul and Neptunes-esque New York hip-hop - without getting lost in between the too.  

Check it out and download 'Danse En France (Kotchy Remix)' by Fischerspooner here (right click, save as).

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MP3: A Superstar (HRDVSION Mix) - Kotchy

After hearing Kotchy's mix of Empire of the Sun's 'We Are the People' a while back BlackPlastic has been looking forward to Kotchy's EP I'd Have To Be High and it is now out.

Off of the EP, 'A Superstar' is a sleazy mishmash of styles - one minute it's Prince getting frisky with a back-alley garage punk track and the next minute it turns into some seriously heavy bassline action.  It's schizophrenic and doesn't know what it wants to be and highlights Kotchy as one to watch for the future.

Haily from Canada but now based in Berlin, duo HRDVSION have also had a stab at remixing the track and the result is a little more focused and possibly even better than the original.  The influence of their new home has clearly influenced their sound with a dark techno sound rearing its head on this remix - the result is a paranoid, glitchy, sleazy track that manages to sound both credible and accessible.

You can stream the original track below and download the Hrdvsion Remix here (right click, save as).

You can also head over to Civil Music to listen to the EP in full or buy the 12" (which comes with a digital download for free).

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MP3: We Are The People (Kotchy Remix) - Empire of the Sun

One of the highlights from Empire of the Sun's dreamy debut, 'We Are The People' in its original form has lovely Fleetwood Mac-esque guitars and more those falsetto vocals.  Kotchy's remix gives the track a stuttering percussive backing and as the rain pours down outside BlackPlastic's window this track suddenly feels appropriate - less like the summery days of 'Walking On a Dream' and much more like an overcast, melancholic lazy day - and it's rather nice.  Best of all is the break with a rumbling bassline that strips back to the vocal before reintroducing the beat.

Kotchy, with his funky, almost subdued but effortlessly sexy productions and hushed vocals looks like one to watch.  Head over to RCRD LBL to check some of his own work (BlackPlastic particularly recommends 'Sing What You Want').  His debut album 89 is out soon and EP I'd Have To Be High drops next week.

Download We Are The People (Kotchy Remix) by Empire of the Sun (right click, save as).

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