MP3: Counterpoint (Remixed by The Chain) - Delphic

More Delphic news as their single 'Counterpoint' (reviewed by BlackPlastic a couple of weeks ago here) has been remixed by The Chain and is available for download over at the R&S site.

The fact it's up for download at R&S is perhaps no surprise as The Chain are Dan Foat and Nathan Boddy, the former being the label's A&R for R&S (sorry, acronym overload...) but also a relatively well known DJ and producer.  The duo have previously released together as Foat & Boddy on Mule Electronic and Nathan has also released under 'Office Gossip' on the label he co-runs, Winding Road.

The Chain are soon to release their debut 12", Letting Go / Geo, but in the meantime check out this mix of the emotive 'Counterpoint'.  The influences of Detroit techno are clear and the mix has a dubby feel but is shot through with a lovely twinkling synth that really comes through in the break.

Head on over to R&S Records to grab the download.

BP x