Album Review: Immolate Yourself - Telefon Tel Aviv

Taking elements of post-rock, the sounds of early M83 and late Ulrich Schnauss - plus maybe even a pinch of mid-career BT - Telefon Tel Aviv snuck out their new album 'Immolate Yourself' a few weeks back.

BlackPlastic may have only just got around to commenting but Telefon Tel Aviv just might have gone and made the best straight up electronic album in a while. The strength here is really in the polish and attention to detail - the ambient melodies could easily have missed their mark if it wasn't for the layers of distortion and punchy drums that refuse to become enveloped in sound - each beat and stutter, each fragment of sound adds texture and detail.

With the rhythmic touches of breaks, the melodies of ambient house and the production quality of the best minimal techno 'Immolate Yourself' feels like a photographic image that literally stands up off the page.

The result is pretty glorious. The opening Birds lures the listener into an album that never gives up and whilst they know better than to stray too far from the template there is enough variety - in the 80s sheen and bubbling bass of Helen of Troy for example - to keep things interesting. Yet most of all it is the feelings Telefon Tel Aviv convey in their music that stays with the listener after 'Immolate Yourself' has drawn to a close.

Intelligent, emotive and modest.

Available on here.

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