Album Review: Dance Mother - Telepathe

Listening to Telepathe's début album is like being mugged by a group of cute 16 year old girls. The sound of candy-floss vocals cussing and spaced-out ambience with a malicious edge becomes strangely alluring by the album's close.

Production by David Sitek (Yeah Yeah Yeahs and TV On The Radio) gives 'Dance Mother' a clear edge and it is always refreshing to hear Sitek's sound applied to different musical styles. Telepathe make loose, cosmic disco influenced electronic music with female vocals reminiscent of the cute yelps of Architecture In Helsinki, only spray painted jet black.

The result is an album with bags of atmosphere. Defined by space more than anything, it is effortlessly contemporary yet sounds like it will age well, refusing to be compounded by anything as rigid as time. With reflections of the African rhythms vibe everyone thought was the next big thing last year, Dance Mother captures the same feeling of nature and water that Foals' début did (also originally to be produced by Sitek before his mix was abandoned).

At it's best 'Dance Mother' feels like the reclamation of urban society by nature. The beautiful 'In Your Line' sounds like an abandoned warehouse becoming slowly overrun by nature, rain tearing down the roof above and vines gradually pulling down the walls.

Available on on CDand MP3.

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