Album review: Music For An Accelerated Culture - Hadouken!

Some bands can be defined by good taste and burgeoning record collections and geeky knowledge of their predecessors - LCD Soundsystem would be an obvious example - whilst others rely more on attitude.

Most bands fall somewhere between these two extremes, yet the debut album from Hadouken! very much positions them as the new extreme in the later category. Whilst their taste in music may be good (indeed a guest spot on Radio 1 earlier this year suggests it is) their actual sound derives little from it. To describe Hadouken! is to describe nothing anyone with any taste would like - Mike Skinner style raps and thick garage basslines combine with Euro-pop melodies to create a wide- boy nu-rave soundtrack Channel 4's Skins would kill for.

Yet it's the attitude that saves it. If its opener 'Get Smashed Gate Crash' is too loud you're at the wrong house party whilst 'That Boy That Girl' sets a commentary on modern day micro-cultural groups to a industrial backing. More than anything Music For An Accelerated Culture sounds young... It positively reeks of modern-day teen spirit and whilst you might think you've got better taste H! sound like they truly don't give a shit what you think (Grandad).

Music For An Accelerated Culture is difficult to assess - in places it gets so close to cheese that it's not worth worrying whether it is cool or not and it sounds so 'now' that in two weeks it will probably be passé. This time is theirs however and if, in several years, you wish to recapture 2008 then the synth lines of 'Decleration Of War' and the aggression of 'Crank It Up' just might do it.

If you don't like it you're too old: Music For An Accelerated Culture is an up middle finger to today's washed-out pop mainstream.

BP x