Single Review: Drive Your Car - Grovesnor

What would happen if one of Hot Chip broke away to focus on making kitsch 80s pop songs?

This would...

As far as BlackPlastic can tell this is the first debut single, proper. A cut and shut affair, it chops like a switch-blade from the melancholic and more delicate verses to a chorus that demonstrates a determination to drive (pardon the pun) away the blues. What makes this so catchy is that the chorus manages to sound like the theme tune to a TV quiz from the 80s where the taking part is more important than the prizes. Personally BlackPlastic is feeling Going For Gold.

Just when you thought the fun was over you discover you get a consolation prize of four remixes. The remix from Grovesnor himself ups the camp and kitsch and almost feels like it should be the main mix, boasting a nice samba sway and live instrumentation. A Hot Chip dub ups the darkness and them slams on the disco breaks for a ramped up disco quiz show breakdown - and it is lush. Meanwhile both Oliver $ and Bird Peterson's mixes turn it into squelchy tech-house murder of a song that seems to lack any respect for the original but if murder is your thing then here they are.

A whole album of this may well be too much but BlackPlastic would enjoy finding out.

BP x