Album Review: Guns Babes Lemonade - Muscles

Call this a belated Valentine's card from BlackPlastic to you: Guns Babes Lemonade is the debut album from Modular's latest (yes, we know there are 'other labels'), Muscles, and it gets BlackPlastic hot under the collar.

Muscles sounds like your best friend getting loved up and recounting all of the best nights outs you've ever had: Guns Babes Lemonade may not be clever, but golly BlackPlastic loves its sweaty little gurning face.

'Sweaty' opens the album like a night out at your shit but favourite local:

"I'm getting tired and I'm sweaty,
But I still want to touch it if you let me.
Because we hugged a few times and it was special...
And we'll be working all night because it's pumping"

The opening line is unlikely to set the world on fire on poetic merit alone but the excitable nature of the vocals perfectly encapsulated the excitement when a random night turns out perfect.

Nothing here is exactly 'new', it simply sounds like every guilty dance-pop pleasure of the last five years in one. It's sickly sweet and one has to be careful not to consume too much at once, but when Muscles declares that "Ice Cream is gonna save the day. Again" on 'Ice Cream' we can't help but want to believe.

Give us remixes, b-sides and more, more, more please!

As the album closer states:
"Hey Muscles, I love you, I wanna have your babies!"

BP x