EP Review: Clocks - Simian Mobile Disco

Not so long since their debut long-player proved them to be ones to watch for the future and with member James Ford benefiting from continued success following production work for The Klaxons and Artic Monkeys, SMD treat fans to four new tracks on this new EP.

All are instrumentals and as such demonstrate the duo stripped of some of the bells and whistles that garnered Attack Decay Sustain Release and what it loses in pop sensibilities it gains in velocity and efficiency, with all four cuts geared towards dancefloors and reminiscent of the technical prowess displayed in early Chemical Brothers tracks.

'Clocks' is a relatively tame, melodic effort with bouncy drums whilst 'Simple' persues a somewhat more direct line, with waves of acid and nasty electronic stabs turning it into the equivalent of Attack Decay Sustain Releases' awesome 'Sleep Deprivation' only this time it
follows a bad trip.

'3 Pin Din' squeaks and squelches its way through three minutes before climaxing in a puddle of acid. Final track 'State of Things' is a little sapling, determined to grow and grow into a big Goliath made of live sounding drums but never quite gets there.

It will be interesting to see if this more dancefloor focused effort is a direction that Simian Mobile Disco choose to follow in the future. Whilst there are undoubtably four cuts here to please the
heads BlackPlastic finds itself growing a little tired of the reverb that drenches all four and longs for something with the universal appeal of 'Hustler' or 'It's The Beat'.

BP x