Augusto! Song of the montho!

In The Great War of 2009 , later dubbed "War of the Knives's", a ferocious battle with two sides raged between Union of Knives and The Knife. Initially BlackPlastic supported Union of Knives, seeing their anthemic, melancholic yet uplifting call to arms "Evil Has Never" as the sound of a power ballad as played by Radiohead. Brilliant.

Unfortunately, for the Union of Knives at least, BlackPlastic was eventually won over by The Knife and their vicious leader, El Knifo, who launched a fantastic propaganda assault on the senses under the innocent title "We Share Our Mother's Health". Awesome.

Too short by half, "We Share Our Mother's Health" sounds like a revolution in your head. Military forces storm gingerbread houses, tanks crush teddy bears beneath huge rolling caterpillar tracks, attack choppers are cast aside by a gust of wind from a huge oversized pin-wheel.

There's no denying it - this is how pop music should sound.