Comment: Thom Yorke - The Eraser

BlackPlastic has always been a fan of Radiohead but has tired a little over recent years of, if anything, the pretentiousness not of the band but the fans. Nevertheless, a character like Thom Yorke deserves the utmost of respect and here he is with his debut solo LP.

Unsure of what to expect BlackPlastic has just finished listening to opening and title track, 'The Eraser', and all that needs to be said is wow.


Coming on like a cross between Hot Chip's track 'The Warning' (see the BlackPlastic review here) and The Blue Nile, this is special. Radiohead could feasibly have been accused of lacking a little warmth, but there is no way the same criticisms could be levelled here whilst Yorke sings of the impossibility of erasing his subject. If this is anything to go by then The Eraser deserves to be one of this year's albums. More as and when BlackPlastic feels the urge.