April Song of the Month...

BlackPlastic has been catching some rays (despite the complete lack of tan) in Barcelona, so we're running a bit late with song of the month. So sue me.

This month's song is Munk's 'Kick Out The Chairs'. Featuring, as all the best songs do, James Murphy and Nancy Wang on vocal duties, 'Kick Out The Chairs' is a post-punk riot featuring completely inane vocals ("Kick out the chairs, motherfuckers! Kick out the chairs! We are all custom made!"). I have no real idea what it is about but it is impossible to stop singing or thinking about it once it has seeped into your sub-consciousness. What's more, there's a lush little breakdown around the three minute mark with punchy-as-fuck drums that nicely sets off the rest of the tune.

BlackPlastic originally heard 'Kick Out The Chairs' when it was posted on Fluxblog.org some time ago, so we cannot take all the credit. The reason it's getting a head-nod now is that it seems to have found it's way into my head a lot more recently than it ever did in the past. What's more, whilst in Barcelona I stumbled upon a lush record shop called cd drome, if you go there (or Madrid, where I believe they have a sister store) check it out. Inside I found a cool little compilation of Gomma artists mixed by Munk, featuring a cool WhoMadeWho version of this tune. Come back in a bit and I'll have a full album review and cover this mix in a bit more detail...

To purchase the Munk album Aperitivo, featuring the original version of 'Kick Out The Chairs', on Amazon click here.

To Purchase the Gomma compilation album, Gommagang Volume 3, featuring the WhoMadeWho version on Amazon click here.

Purchase 'Kick Out The Chairs' on iTunes (it's only 79p remember... Take the risk!) click here:

Munk - Aperitivo - Kick Out the Chairs