Single Review: Demeter - Addict

Demeter serve up 'Addict', a slice of angsty pop for the waster generation.

'Addict' is actually quite enjoyable, sounding almost exactly like a cross between early Garbage (before they became their own namesake) and The Cardigans. The lead singer does her best to convince us she's, like, really messed up, spitting out self-deprecating lyrics over a distorted melody. This may not change your life, but it's much more enjoyable than The Artic Monkeys.

B-sides 'Venus' and 'Under Your Spell' offer more of the same, but with less Garbage, more Cardigans. Demeter have definately got something to offer, but the whole 'alt' attitude comes off as a little tired in this day and age.

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Demeter - Addict - EP - Addict