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Comment: Boys Don't Cry (Video Violence Remix) - Ulrik Munther

This is not okay. I have no idea who Ulrik Munther is but a cursory glance through Google would suggest he's the Swedish answer to Justin Bieber or something. Not that I even really know who Justin Bieber is either. Whatever.

I have no idea if Video Violence harbour some sort of deep affection for Minther's wholesome pop or if this is some sort of back-handed compliment. Or given the artwork maybe it's just a full-on insult. Whatever: it sounds deeply unwell, and for that I salute it. On SoundCloud Video Violence have tagged this as robostep, and that just about does it for us. Once this drops it's like dubstep for those of us with no heart. Married to Ulrik's sugary chorus this turns into something utterly ridiculous.

Ulrik Munther - Boys Don't Cry (Video Violence Remix) by videoviolence

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