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Single Review / Download: Still Love - Pollyn

Pollyn's follow-up to debut single 'Give It Up' (which BlackPlastic featured here) somehow manages to further up the melancholy angst even more, and if you have heard that previous track you know that's a bit of an achievement in itself.

File this under ice-cold mechanical soul, then, for that's what it is. The may be angst and pain here but it is the kind painted over with a coat of lead - the emotion buried beneath a protective suit of cold electronics. If anything this exceeds the quality Pollyn demonstrated on their debut single and is an encouraging taster of the album, although if the current trend continues they might end up making Ian Curtis look like an optimist - here's hoping their is a little more emotional variety on that album itself.

As with 'Give It Up' the remixes shine.  Hip-hop producers Sid Roams (who have previously worked with Jean Grae and Dilated Peoples) turn in distortion heavy affair that sits somewhere between hip-hop and industrial-soul, suiting the track perfectly and probably providing the highlight out of the remixes. French beatmaster dEbruit turns in a stuttering broken-beat effort that ditches the vocal but keeps the atmosphere. Finally Blue Daisy envelope the whole track in a disorienting, dubby sound that gradually fractures under the emotional weight of the track, giving a climax reminiscent of Four Tet.

Download 'Still Love (Original Mix)' [right click, save as]

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Pollyn's debut album This Little Night is out now, available on on MP3 [affiliate link]