saint etienne

Single Review: Method of Modern Love - Saint Etienne

In which Saint Etienne prove they can out-do Girls Aloud at sounding like Saint Etienne. If Girls Aloud 's The Loving Kind sounded like a relatively enjoyable Saint Etienne rip-off (it did) then this is the real thing.

Back in our hearts again this track deserves to be huge - it has the accessibility of the best pop singles yet doesn't struggle to squeeze in words like disinclined in the way that The Loving Kind does. What's more the production starts with the gorgeous washes that made the afformebtioned track feel fresh and builds on them... This feels like a hot coffee and a winter coat on a cold day like today.

Also back from the brink is Richard X, who provides his first remix in ages (as far as BlackPlastc can recall). Unsurprisingly it's good - he always was great at getting the most out of this kind of cotton-candy-with-female-vocals sound - if slightly more conservative than expected.

Available on iTunes or on 7" now.

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