Single Review: Eroica - Royalty

Royalty's debut EP caught my ear a few months back, duo Chesca and Yorke creating a selection of polished dark Italo pop moments. If that was the promise this might be the pay off.

Whatever slight rough edges existed on their debut EP are nowhere to be found here. Title track 'Eroica' emerges from the depths like a seductive harlot through crude oil - shimmering jet black and irresistible. Dark stabs of grit and bass punctuate the rhythm whilst the vocals encourage us to kiss on the dance floor. It's almost all a bit too much, big snare drums drowning in reverb against cinematic melodies and amped emotions.

Along with the original and an instrumental version Yorke turns in his own Atlantean mix, which slows it down to a mean funk - this is what R&B would sound like if it was made for grimey basements with beers and Jack rather than stadiums and champagne flutes. An incessant key tone marks out the chorus with a hint of determination that perfectly reflects that of the vocals.

The other original track comes in the form of 'Vector Glide'. The name befits the track's straight lines and menacing atmosphere. Opening with thick analogue bass and crisp hard drums it is what your Tron dreams sound like - an electronic gravy of Com Truise and John Carpenter.

Royalty's sleazy cosmic pop hits just right - if you like Chromatics, Glass Candy et al you won't be disappointed.