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Download: Gabrielle - Call Super

Gabrielle (or Gabriel as it later became know on re-release) is regarded as a classic piece of house. With heavy but loose bass and lots of reverb it eventually became a bit of a poster child for UK Garage, despite originated from the US.

Here Call Super takes disperate elements from the original to make a entirely new cut-up chillwave epic. It feels like early days of summer, encapsulating a deep sense of yearning that ran through the original and, as the press release rightly points out, makes the whole thing feel way more Ballearic.

Call Super is Berlin based Joseph Richmond-Seaton and this follows the Staircase EP from earlier this year. Check out his Tumblr for more. Call Super resides on London label Five Easy Pieces.

You can stream and download Gabrielle by Call Super on the Soundcloud player below:

Call Super - Gabrielle by Five Easy Pieces 

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