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EP Review: The Inflated EP - Mr Ho

The Inflated EP - Mr Ho

Opening with a tight four-four beat and layers of synth Mr Ho's new EP on Klasse Recordings aims but doesn't quite reach it's target.

Title track 'The Inflated' ironically remains a little flat... Beyond that initial beat it just doesn't really go anywhere. The bass line that drops mid-way through adds some colour but other than that it is a little clinical.

Much more interesting is 'No Explanation', which opens up with a tight, compact bassline and plenty of faux-vinyl crackle (presumably very annoying on actual vinyl...). This track is really made by the classic house bassline, building synths, big harsh drums and a spoken vocal. It is a track so obsessed with the past that it is difficult to take it at face value: wouldn't an actual classic be better? Still - the synth work and warm pads make it a decent box filler for DJs into this sort of proto-house sound.

The EP is rounded out with another take on 'No Explanation' - Nick Harris drops a mix that loses most of the charm of the original, leaving the vocal (fine) and bringing in a harsh, slightly bouncy bass line (less fine). Unfortunately it all feels like a bit of a missed opportunity.

The Inflated EP is out now on Klasse Recordings.