mathias vogt

Single Review: Hemingway - Piek feat. Samuel Fitch & Mianyo


'Hemingway' is the result of a collaboration between Piek, 

Mianyo and vocalist Samuel Fitch. And it's just the sort of polished disco-house record to kick start your January.

Piek comes from Northern Spain and has released through Azari, Cray1, LabWorks, Inmotion and his own label Paulatine, which he runs with Uner and Baum. Hemingway comes out through Fiakun initially on vinyl, with the digital release following later in the month.

The single features two versions. The original boasts a thick, satisfyingly infectious bass line that's hard to ignore, layers of loose percussion and Fitch's slinky vocals. The combination of the hard, electronic square-wave bass and live, clattering drums create a deep, organic but still modern sounding record.

M.V.I.P. - that'll be Mathias Vogt and Ian Pooley - deliver the remix, and it's a more stripped back affair. There are nods to classic house in some of the big atmospheric sounds, whilst the track is given a tight techie edge. It still has a few of the disco flourishes but it's a much deeper cut and a strong complement to the a-side.

Hemingway is out today through Fiakun on 12" and 21 January as a digital release. Preview the release on Soundcloud below: