EP Review: Modern Heat EP - MAM

Image source: DJ MagMiguel Campbell and Matt Hughes' new EP as MAM is as tight as a nut. Slick disco stabs, funky MJ style yelps and heavy baselines abound. Take Metro Area and give it a French Touch twist, serve in a long glass over ice.

What you have here is a four-track EP of funk and disco inspired house and, well, it's inspired. 'Modern Heat' is filtered heavy disco funk, whilst 'Crushed Ice' is sleazy eighties funk that channels pure Discovery-era Daft Punk.

The guitar work on the latter yearns for someone to dance with and whilst it may be a little slow for the main room this is perfect for the more discerning bars out there. As if to answer your prays 'Crushed Ice' also gets a remix that just gives it a bit more oomph. Perfect.

The final offering, 'Sunset Funk' is pretty much placed between the other two tracks, mixing the filtered disco of 'Crushed Ice' with the squelching synth funk work of 'Modern Heat'.

With no bells or whistles this EP pretty much just focuses on doing one thing well. And do just that it does.

BP x

Modern Heat EP is released on Fina on 19 February, available to pre-order from on MP3 [affiliate link].