Today: Let's just do it fucking better

It's Friday. Let's be fucking better. Whatever it is you do - take some time today and try and do it much better.

This cut from Dedication is their debut release for DFA and has actually been knocking around for a couple of months. Dedication is a collaboration of Japanese musicians and Western singers led by producer and DJ Felix Dickinson and Japanese designer Mikey Yamada.

I can't really figure out how much of this is new, and how much is just sampled from old disco records but if even the vocal is original then frankly this record is a testament to doing something fucking better. I wish there were artists out there with the same passion and attention to detail as the groups that made all those amazing old disco records.

Today: Don't phone it in... Let's make something amazing.

EP Review: Feel Like Movin' / We Got A Love - The Juan Maclean / Shit Robot

This fantastic new split single from DFA showcases some inspirational new stuff from label stalwarts The Juan Maclean and Shit Robot. Neither song significantly changes the sound each artist has been pushing recently but both feel like they've been honed to close to perfection.

The Juan Maclean's "Feel Like Movin'" features vocals from regular collaborator and (technically ex-) LCD Soundsystem member Nancy Whang, who delivers the kind of semi-deadpan, semi-loved up vocal she used on The Juan Maclean's "Happy House". The track is an upbeat twisted piano-house track full of uplifting and optimistic vibes. Whang's vocals plead you to dance and the track has a weird parallel to The Juan Maclean's beautiful "Dance With Me". Where the latter was aloof but touching, robotics trying to break through into humanity, this is the opposite: sweaty and familiar and up-close. "So let your heart get crazy / and let your head get dizzy / let yourself get busy, it's easy" calls Whang, probably as she disappears into the throng of the dancefloor. It's the rushing intimacy that only comes from lost evenings with lost boundaries.

Shit Robot's "We Got A Love" features comedian and musician Reggie Watts and comes from a similar place but it is a little more understated. Deep throbbing drums and a dubby bass create a momentum whilst the piano loop recaptures early-90s urban distance. Watts' vocal is scattershot and adlibbed, flipping from falsetto to baritone and back within the same verse. It feels like one of Shit Robot's most fully realised tracks since the excellent "Simple Things (Work It Out)".

Both The Juan Maclean and Shit Robot are due full releases in 2014. Feel Like Movin’ / We Got A Love is out now through DFA and is limited to 500 stamped and numbered copies. Grab the digital release of "Feel Like Movin'" and "We Got A Love" from Amazon.co.uk [affiliate links].