Comment: Feeling Fresh

I've been wanting to have a site refresh and redesign for a while now and was feeling inspired last night and this morning (to the point I couldn't sleep) and the result is what you see before you now. The old design had become very tired in my eyes, probably due to me looking at it for about four years or something, and was largely tied to a template so I've thrown it out and started again.

It's a new year and so what better a time to make a fresh start. I've focused on reducing the dark heavy feeling of the site to make something that is much lighter and hopefully more enjoyable to read. The move away from a graphical masthead also means it's easier to tweak styles without it becoming a massive ordeal.

You may also notice the pink has gone - there is still some in the customised Soundcloud and YouTube embeds that have been posted in the past but the site's colours moving forwards will be mainly focused on whites and greys with the blue highlight used in the masthead.

I welcome comments - tell me if you like it, hate it or notice anything that you think could be improved.

Thanks for reading the blog over the years and here's to the future!

BP x