Stream: Black Ink - Sølv

Having come to our attention with her debut single a month ago, Sølv is back with Black Ink, the title track from her forthcoming EP.

Like Losing My Mind, this is obsidian-like pop music. Sølv's sultry vocals soar above the minimal production work, creating an irresistably sinister chorus - a tale of helpless infactuation and a loss of power.

Describing the song, Sølv says:

"People come and go from your life. Black Ink is about the one person who makes their indelible mark on you, the person that changes everything. The one who has the power to make or break your world in an instant, but they're the one you're living for."

Look out for the EP Black Ink, out 11 November. You can currently listen to the EP on Sølv's Soundcloud page here.