Stream: Sunburnt Through The Glass - PREP

Sunburn through glass is actually a rather difficult injury to incur - most of the harmful effects of the sun are filtered out, meaning a standard window provides protection from the sun approximately equivalent to an SPF-30 sun block. This is admittedly incidental, but given the title of their new single it gives you some idea of just how much time new four-piece PREP must have spent in the sun.

Made up of a hip hop producer, a classical composer, a house DJ and a singer songwriter you can only hope that each band member ended up in vaguely the right position in the band. Their credits apparently include Drake, Foxes, Raleigh Ritchie, Eric Prydz, Klangarussell and Sub Focus, which pretty much guarantees you dislike at least one thing they have been involved with.

Regardless of all that, Sunburnt Through The Glass is actually lovely - a deep hit of warming evening sun. It's yacht rock for now (or about three months ago if you live in the Northern hemisphere), inspired by the likes of Steely Dan, Michael McDonald and Bobby Caldwell. Check it out above.