EP Review: Handprints / Glitterall - Eagles For Hands

Brighton's James Ross appears to have a bit of momentum, having already remixed the likes of Laura Mvula and Naughty Boy. Last summer he released two free EPs (Hot Telescope and Lisbon) but this double A-side represents his first official release, and it is an absolute gem.

Handprints is a glorious celebratory slab of percussive electronic music that layers vocals samples together to create hypnotic melodies. There is a lightness to the production, crisp drums and hollow bass giving the track a warm, inclusive feel.

Glitterall contrasts with a moodier soundscape, synths and crashing chords creating a more dramatic sense of scale. In contrast to the short-skirted pleasure of Handprints it feels epic, but it remains tasteful and restrained all the same.

Handprints / Glitterall has the unmissable sense of now that marks out The Range's best work. More please.

Handprints / Glitterall is out now on Space + Time Records, order from Amazon.co.uk on MP3 [affiliate link].