Video: Friday Night - The Grizzly Folk

This hit my inbox in a moment introspection on Friday night, as I was on the train home, and it probably benefitted from the perfect timing... But having gone back to it a couple of times since it still tugs at my heart strings.

The song is a heartfelt ballad about waiting patiently for someone returning from a long trip. The video was a collaboration between The Grizzly Folk and Three Mobile. To celebrate the launch of the iPhone 6 they decided to see what kind of music video they could film and edit entirely on the phone itself, and this is the result. You can see some good use of the phone's hyperlapse and slow motion capabilities in here but it also perfectly captures the feel of London now that the weather has turned - something made possible by how quickly you can produce this kind of thing on a phone these days.

Anyway, lovely song and a nice little video.

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