News: Glastonburgh Festival Emerging Talent Competition 2013

Now that entries are closed Glastonbury Festival have confirmed this year's judges for the Emerging Talent Competition and I'm delighted to once again be on the panel of judges.

If you are unfamiliar with the competition it basically gives one unsigned band the opportunity to play the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury. They've had some pretty notable breakthrough acts in the past so it's a exciting competition to be a part of.

You can read up on my thoughts on the 2011 contest - obviously keep an eye on the Glastonbury website and these pages in the coming weeks for news on the long list and this year's winners.

I'll be judging with 39 other bloggers to create the long list - from here Glastonbury's own judges will whittle down to the overall winner. All entries are divided across the 40 bloggers (listed here) so if you entered there is no guarantee I will be assigned your entry. If you have entered please note that I can't respond to questions around the judging. Queries to the blog tend to go up around the judging period so I'd urge you to not contact the blog unless you have a legitimate reason. Usual submissions are of course welcome as always - I'll just be extra busy!