Video: That's Alright - Kindness & Trouble Funk

Kindness' debut album World You Need a Change of Mind is definitely one of my favourite albums of 2012 so far but I've only just now got around to actually blogging about it. Kindness is the name Adam Bainbridge makes music under and his music mostly consists of warm, lazy soul and funk tracks. World You Need a Change of Mind was produced by Cassius' Phillipe Zdar (who also produced Phoenix's excellent Wolfgang Amadeus Pheonix) and thus has his production mark all over it. Which is usually a good sign.

There's a clear house origin that underpins much of the album but it feels suitably removed from the turgid modern day equivalent people often think of when the genre comes to mind, giving the album a beautifully fresh 'n' clean feeling. There are a number of great moments - the sparkling synths and bubbling bass of 'SEOD' or the schmaltzy balladry of 'Anyone Can Fall In Love' - but the standout moment is the juxtaposition of the stoner ballearia anthem 'House' to proto-R&B smash 'That's Alright'. It's one of those moments where you can't help but question whether you are still listening to the same album.

Which is ironic because as the Bainbridge explains on the press release for his latest video 'That's Alright' is based almost entirely on samples from another band, Trouble Funk, and specifically their song 'Still Smokin'.

So what is the music video for 'That's Alright' about then? Well in Bainbridge's own words:

That's Alright' is almost entirely based upon samples from the Trouble Funk song 'Still Smokin'. Trouble Funk are a go-go group from Washington DC, who have existed in one form or another since 1978, and previous to that as a more straightforwardly r'n'b oriented act called the Trouble Band.
"Go-go has been on my radar since Rich Harrison first started putting out incredible songs with a go-go influence. As a DC area native, Harrison knew well the urgency and vitality of go-go, and its unswervable effect on an audience. Hence his use of go-go breaks in 'Crazy in Love' by Beyonce, 'One Thing' by Amerie and 'Take this Ring' by Toni Braxton.
"In clearing a sample for use in a song, you have to send a copy to the original writers for approval and publishing clearance. So I knew that Trouble Funk ought to have heard the song already. For that reason I thought we might try and take things a step further. Would the band perhaps be interested in performing the new version of their song for the video? And could they find me something to do?

The results clearly show Trouble Funk were up for it. There's apparently an additional 'making-of' documentary coming too but in the meantime check out and enjoy the video.

If you are a Spotify user check out the whole album in the player above, otherwise you can grab it from on CDLP or MP3 [affiliate links].