EP Review: Tell Them - Seconds

The original version of this EP from electronic duo Seconds is a lush laid back electronic pop song. It reminds me a lot of James Yuill's saccharin yet melancholic 'This Sweet Love', with the interplay between a lilting guitar and the soft vocals of guest vocalist Lines Luti (A.K.A Little Children) striking a sparse, melodic note.

This is a different record though of course. The production is darker and the vocals slightly more haunting. It's a melting pot of house and proper folk song writing that will appeal to fans that complain about a lack of 'real' music as much as it will to fans of dance music.

The EP includes three remixes, all from Charles Webster,  entitled "Earl Jam" Dub, Club Mix and "Earl Jam" Interpretation. The dub is typically vocal free, a building progressive track of sparsely arranged synths whilst the "Earl Jam" Interpretation is that again but extended in length and scope with the vocal back in place. The club mix keeps the vocal and gives it an almost samba influence bass line. Of the three the "Earl Jam" interpretation is best - a track that gradually builds into the kind of tight, elastic piece Simian Mobile Disco do well.

Tell Them is out now on Baasaal records, available to buy digitally from Juno.

Stream below on Spotify [account required]: