Video: Into Midnight - Jon Porras

Jon Porras is one half of Barn Owl but this video is taken from his recent solo side project, the album Black Mesa. I'd strongly urge you to check out the video above and give the album a listen - it's a spellbinding 45-minute journey.

Black Mesa was inspired by searching for hope in a barren land and it hits the nail firmly on the head. The combination of guitar and feedback perfectly distills disconcerting wandering through a desert wasteland. I've mentioned Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption before and this sounds like it is purpose built for that games rainy storms and desert rides. The soundtrack was one of the best things about that game for the way it built atmosphere. Here Porras creates music that almost hurts to listen to it's so atmospheric and emotive. Brilliant.

This video staring Porras himself fits the song perfectly too - all grainy and weirdly horrific.