EP Review: What You Do - Miguel Puente

Image source: Resident AdvisorFollowing on from last week's ode to John Talabot here is a bit more warm dance music from Barcelona for you.

Johnny White and Nitin's No. 19 Music have recently had releases from Louie Fresco and the highly in demand Maceo Plex but now it's the turn of Barcelona based Mexican Miguel Puente. All three tracks here feature a slightly retro sound that harks back to late eighties house, albeit with a fairly progressive edge. Cue bouncy bass lines and a minimal approach to production that relies very little on anything beyond drums, bass and vocals.

All three tracks here are relatively similar - they could almost be different takes on the same record. Title track 'What You Do' has a hard bouncing bass line but despite being the title track it is probably the least interesting. 'It's Been So Long' has some melodic keys and feels perfect for those moments just after the sun has dipped below the surface. 'Save Each Other' is best though, with the same heavy bass as the other two tracks but some massive echoing drums and some massive reverb - it's well worth a listen.

What You Do is out now on No. 19 Music.