Single Review: Do We Need? - Slove

French angular post-punkers just might be the new ones to watch if you like your music pitched somewhere between punk and dance. With a heavy bass pounded out from a bass guitar that recalls Etienne de Crécy's epic 'Fast Track', 'Do We Need?' feels slow, spent, minimal and atmospheric. Eschewing conventional song structure it's difficult to categorise - this feels perfectly equidistant between guitar based music and house structures and the result is a brilliant mix. My only criticism would be its length - 'Do We Need?', admittedly here in radio edit form, is just too damn short.

Tackling that are the two remixes included in this package - one by Kitsuné's Yan Wagner and the other by Remain (AKA Romain Rouffiac). Both remixes inevitably head in a more dance floor orientated direction. Whilst Wagner's mix is warm and sunny, with bouncy bass and melodic keys splashing across its length, Remain amps up the frictional, acerbic sound of the original and transforms it into a darker acidic techno piece.

All three takes have their merits but it will be Slove's original material, due to emerge on full length album Le Danse later this year, that makes or breaks this band.

Check out the video for 'Do We Need?' below:

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Do We Need? is released on Pschent on Monday 15 August.