Comment: Notic Nastic - Atom+Eve: Podcast 1/11

I don't really know much about this other than that fact that it landed in my inbox with little to no explanation a couple of months ago. Creators Notic Nastic label this as a podcast but it's all music, is continuous and created from scratch so I'd probably argue that the label 'podcast' undersells it.

Putting what it isn't to one side, let's talk about what Atom+Eve is rather than what it isn't: insane, analogue and twisted. Whilst the vocals occasionally try a little too hard (I'm thinking the ”world was made of..." section) they lend the whole thing a paranoid disembodied monologue feel that completely fits with the music. The podcast is the perfect length for a continuous piece of music such as this - at just over 30 minutes it's either a refreshingly brief mix or one of the longest single songs I've ever heard but it sticks around just about as long as it should.

The music itself is grimey and analogue synth work mostly and it is at its best when refreshingly stripped back. The opening four minutes build tension with minimal bleeps and percussion before Notic Nastic rain burning hot distorted bass all over it. This doesn't necessarily feel like music to dance to, but you could definitely try.

Check it out on the Soundcloud player below and have a download if you like it. This mix packs a lot in to a small amount of time so it's well worth a listen and Notic Nastic are definitely worth keeping an eye on.

atom+eve (nn_podcast0111) by notic nastic

Notic Nastic's album It's Dark But It's Okay is available now, for more information visit the band's official site.

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