Comment: Dress In Stereo - Thrill Kill

Thrill Kill have been on my radar for six months or so and I'm a little bit staggered to realise this is the first time I have blogged about them. If you were being lazy you could say that they sound like something Ed Banger would put out but I really dig their sound - they don't seem to be afraid to have a bit of polish. Whilst Justice always seem set on proving just how in your face they can be this cut from Thrill Kill gives the tune a bit more room.

Enough about Ed Banger anyway - hit the Soundcloud link and check out their newest track, 'Dress In Stereo', which really captures their dark and slick production style. Thrill Kill are US vocalist John Webb and Polish Producer Pimo.

Hit Thrill Kill's Twitter or Facebook pages for more.

BP x

Thrill Kill - Dress in Stereo - (original mix) OFFICIAL !!! by Thrill Kill