Download: If It Isn't Digital Love - Gamble & Burke

This dropped into the inbox a little while back but I've only just grabbed a minute to post it. Gamble & Burke have previously released material on Kitsune Noir ('Let's Go Together' - check it out on their Soundcloud) and they recently put together this mashup of New Edition's 'If It Isn't Love' together with Daft Punk's 'Digital Love'.

I've not previously ever really checked out New Edition but did after hearing Gamble & Burke's mashup. This version is actually not particularly close to either of the records it draws from and that is actually a good thing - it takes the ideas from the two and goes to a whole new place. The result is an incredibly laid back, slick summer soul record. Apparently this week is due to be a heat wave in Britain so you just might need something like this to cool you down!

Download 'If It Isn't Digital Love' by Gamble & Burke here [right click, save as].

If you are on this site I'll trust you know Daft Punk's work already but check out the New Edition original below for some 80s boy band funk genius:

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