Comment: mflow enables you to monetize good taste

So BlackPlastic love to recommend music. Aside from covering music here we are also kinda playlist whores on Spotify and like to bend the ear of anyone that will listen in real life due to the compulsion that comes from trying to find someone the favourite song they've never yet heard. We can get quite competitive. Which makes mflow as a concept a little bit perfect.

If you haven't check it out it enables you to connect with friends and other users and 'flow' (i.e. recommend) tracks to people. Your followers then get to listen to the track and, even better, if they buy it then you as the 'flow-er' get a kick back to spend on more music on the mflow store. It's actually relatively easy to get credit - BlackPlastic sold a couple of songs before we'd even bought any music - and so if you got lots of followers you could almost certainly fund you habit. Pretty much all the music you can buy is DRM-free and thus iTunes friendly.

The downsides? Sadly to flow a whole track (rather than a sample) then you gotta buy the full track on mflow. It's understandable yet still inevitably a frustration if you have tens of thousands of MP3s already that you can't flow to your followers. Also you can only listen to a track someone flows once. It is early days but the catalogue is noticeably smaller than other MP3 stores and even Spotify, though we expect this will get better.

Still - if you enjoy sharing music as much as BlackPlastic does it's definitely worth checking out. If you give it a go add BlackPlastic - we will be trying to flow as much music as possible based on what we blog about so it will be an easy way to check out samples.

BP x