Single Review: Rave On Kids - Acid Invaders

Acid Invaders' 'Rave On Kids' doesn't really require a review, because quite simply it does what it says. This is an acid assault on the senses - it's not clever but it's pretty fucking big.

So 'Rave On Kids' is the right mix of old fashioned acid application fused with wonky bass. Campy robot vocals encourage us to take a trip to New York city (is it just BlackPlastic's imagination or are stupid vocals about New York back in?) and basically this is a track to lose memories to. And quite frankly, we like that.

'You Should Have Known Better' on the flip side feels a little like revenge. If 'Rave On Kids' is simplistic good fun then 'You Should Have Known Better' is what happens when you wake up in the corner of the nightclub without your phone, wallet or keys and the sense that you missed out on something important. The title is deeply relevant - the much darker chugging acid this time dosed in guilt and uneasiness.

BlackPlastic has no idea where Acid Invaders can go from here - it pretty much feels like they just nailed the genre of their namesake - but for the moment, stick in on and forget how you got here.

BP x

Rave On Kids is out today on Introduce Records.