Comment: Falling Head Over Heels In An Instant

Less a review, more a lovelorn ballad to a song. BlackPlastic only just got their hands on the new Vampire Weekend album, entitled Contra, and after just one listen it is clear that 'Run' delivers on every promise this band ever offered.

And that is because it is quite simply a perfect pop record, and we don't say that lightly. With the warm electronics of band member Rostam Batmanglij's Discovery side project it gives the band a much more exciting feel than anything on their first album. Through in even more of those Paul Simon vibes than the first album and a sharp as fuck rhythm track and you can't help but feel seduced on first listen.

And like the best pop records it gets better with each listen. The key moment? That climbing "oh-ooh" chord sequence at around two minutes in... It hits you like a crush on a perfect stranger.

BP x

Contra is out now, available from on CD and MP3 [affiliate links].