Single Review: White Elephant - Wallenberg

<a href="">White Elephant by Wallenberg</a>

Apparently this song dropped on Bandcamp back in March this year but it has only just hit BlackPlastic's inbox.

BlackPlastic doesn't really know anything about who or what Wallenberg is / are but this tune feels like pure zen. According to the bandcamp site it is based on the expression of a 'white elephant' - that is an expensive object far greater in 'value' than usefulness... Only the white elephant in this song is actually rather grey and therefore has no spiritual or materialistic value. Yet it is able to carry a dude and a banjo, so maybe it is useful after all?

Apparently this has something to do with the effort involved in writing music.

All this is frankly superfluous because what is important is that the song itself manages to capture a fantastic otherworldliness, intelligent, Eastern and spiritual.  It's certainly worth a quick listen in the player above. If you like it support the artist and download it from Bandcamp.

BP x