Album Review: Cosmic Balearic Beats Vol. 1

We're in a bit of downtime at the moment as the release schedules have dried up a little but BlackPlastic thought, "Why not take a minute to talk about one we missed?"

Yes, it's another cosmic disco / Balearic compilation and yes, this one has an exceptionally dull title which is more befitting a Ministry of Sound show-me-the-dollars compilation. But: this one is from Eskimo and they just do it so much better than everyone else.

Cosmic Balearic Beats has been out since September and BlackPlastic is confident it would have truly shone in the dying weeks of an Indian summer yet even as the rain pisses down, drowning this foresaken island, this sounds great. Blended into a beautiful mix, each subtle shift in sound is glorious and the overall feeling is pure sunset on a beach.

There are highlights - Homerun's 'The Killer Storm', Spektrum's 'Fit Together' and 'Estrella' by Lullabies In The Dark - but it's not about these. Cosmic Balearic Beats Vol. 1 is all about the whole. Bad title, great album.

BP x