Review: Part of the Weekend Never Dies - Soulwax / Radio Soulwax / 2 Many DJs

Every now and again you meet someone new and, at some point, the conversation somewhat inevitably comes to the topic of Soulwax and, somehow, you realise you have met an individual who hasn't the faintest idea who this group is. Such an event is rare but disapponting nonetheless as it is truly difficult to understand how we find ourselves in the current musical climate without our friends from Ghent.

And so BlackPlastic is going to say little but:

if you haven't seen the Soulwax documentary Part of the Weekend Never Dies yet then go and watch it because it just might be this decade's most important music documentary.
It perfectly encapsulates just why Soulwax are important:

1. They (along with a few others) helped to invent what we now know as modern dance music (call it nu-rave if you like).
2. They redefine the tired notion of band / remix artists / DJs.
3. They have lots of fans. Some are even famous.
4. They are still very, very fucking loud.

Some interesting facts you will learn:
1. Which recently huge dance crossover artists used multiple Soulwax samples on their debut album.
2. Which nu-rave band would never have got into dance music without Soulwax / 2 Many DJs.
3. Why BlackPlastic's favourite Soulwax track, 'NY Excuse', gets even more punk when you learn its origins.

The DVD also comes with a live performance on DVD and CD. Value, hey?

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