Album Review: Saturdays = Youth - M83

The cult film Donnie Darko contains a scene where the camera films the occupants of a school going about their business in slow motion to the sounds of Tears For Fears' 'Head Over Heels'. The combination of the extraordinary sounds and camera work in combination with the somewhat ordinary subject matter to lift this small section to a place that makes it rank as one of BlackPlastic's favourite scenes in a film, ever. Saturdays = Youth as an album feels the same, like a slow-motion dream of your teenage years observed with the benefit of hindsight.

Given that this is the very thing M83 sought to capture it is instantly clear, in one respect at least, that their latest album is a success. Don't let BlackPlastic undermine the beauty of the songs themselves though - 'Kim & Jessie' is the closest M83 have come to being a pop band yet and has single all over (SebAstian remixes please!) whilst 'Skin Of The Night' is eighties shoe-gazing at its best.

The excilerating rushes of Before The Dawn Heals us may have gone but in their place is a delicate, refined and somewhat melancholic sound. Cinematic in nature, Saturdays = Youth sounds not just like Donnie Darko but is reminiscent of all those eighties teen movies... This album is your own Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller's Day Off, even exhibiting touches of Bret Easton Ellis' Less Than Zero. It is the feeling when you are 15 that nothing is more important than whether you get laid next Saturday at your best friend's party. Combine this album with the Teenagers' recent Reality Check and you have two superb albums to soundtrack a youth that carry a sense of wonder that trancends the moment of youth itself, capturing what it felt like to be young no matter how old you may be now.

If Tears For Fears had taken over the world rather than writing 'Woman In Chains' it would have sounded like this.

BP x